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Binary Bits is a Brisbane Website design business with 15 years experience in I.T. At Binary Bits, our aim is to provide Websites that help our clients to improve or realise their space on the Internet. Using technical know-how and years of hands-on experience to create sites that are effective in delivery and easy to use on any device or platform.


Things that I work on.

I base my knowledge around creating sites with this great web platform. Wordpress can be used by a professional or a beginner. It is as powerful as it needs to be.

It's the language of the web in it's most basic form, and what I started learning 15 years ago. But its latest incarnation of the webs language.

The latest version of HTML's little brother CSS3 helps to make any website look great. I have the skills to make sites shine.

Dynamic Websites have been using it to program their web spaces. Its the programming language for the web.

Google apps offer a large range of products for businesses to run on the web, from sharing documents to calendars and email. Fast reliable and everywhere you need it. Adwords, Analytics and Apps.

Spread the word about your website to the search engines. So your potential customers can find you more easily. SEO places more foot traffic walking past your site.

Some of my clients can be found here. Portfolio


Things that I'm good at.



WordPress Value Website with SEO

WordPress Value Website and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

WordPress Value Website

WordPress Value Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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