Our Aim.


It is the aim of Binary Bits to provide its clients with realistic and professional services for Web design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), project planning and online marketing. These fundamentals of Binary Bits explain the key ideas of what we are about and are broken down in 6 separate areas. The projects can be simple or large but these keys ideas are used across them all.


  • It’s about you.
  • Improving Quality of Life.                         
  • Honesty.
  • Know how.
  • Looking to tomorrow.
  • Professionalism.

 Its about you:

We will place our clients needs for their product above our own personal or business interests. We are here to guide you through your web project experience.


 Increase in a quality of life.

Provide and create products that in there end increase the overall value of the business for the client through value adding to its staff and customers. Providing an effective and efficient website or web product that meets the clients demands and satisfies the customers needs.



Throughout the lifecycle of the relationship Binary Bits will communicate openly to the client, in all matters regarding their website needs and constraints. We will endeavor to be unbiased in our considerations and forthcoming about decisions and plans when dealing with the customer.  We believe this to be a major cornerstone to understanding and getting down to the key factors of what our clients need.  And how we are placed to realistically to meet your expectations.


Know how.

We will always be in a place to fulfill the said product and service that we have agreed to provide and will meet the needed project requirements. The work shall be done in the time agreed upon and within the budget parameters.


Looking to tomorrow.

Binary Bits is a technology business placed in an arena where standards and technologies are ever changing. This means we are constantly looking at improving and upgrading our talents as needed by our industry to stay competitive and provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed in the online environment.



We aim to enhance all I.T. industries integrity particularly the web industries, by leading our selves in a respectful, legal, and honest manner. Our aim is to your needs in the most professional manner.