Do you need a website ?

Why do I need a responsive website ?

Responsive web design:

is all about a web site that displays well on any device its’ being viewed on.


Most people in Australia and indeed the world that have a smart phone, use it to browse the internet. This short term web browsing is the preliminary way people come to your site. It’s immediate and readily available to them. The Australian Communications and Media Authority Communications report 2013–14, found a majority of people have upgraded to a new smartphone and most use it to browse the web. The internet allows anyone the power to sell, shows their wares to anyone anywhere and we are all pretty comfortable using it. When a user comes to your website, how professional do you want it to look ? Having a responsive site says I understand the times and I want my users experience to be the best it can be. What is a responsive website ?


A responsive website respond, it is about designing a single web site using code and technology that will display a web page on any media device. It will make it look like it was made to be displayed on that phone, laptop, tablet and will do this intuitively in the background. This will use the same web address which is good for you because it helps with SEO. It also makes your site look great. It is good for your users because it’s easier to navigate and find what they need. When do you need a responsive website ?


Lets just say if your current site does not do this now, people can tell the difference if viewing the site on a smaller screen, like a phone or tablet. Who is using responsive website design ?


All modern commercial websites use it, just take a look around. Browse their sites on the web, the visual stylings will be the same but images and layouts will change according to the device your are using to browse it. How do you get a responsive website ?


This is implemented using website coding that has all the built in requirements to be able to read what device is being used to view your site and automatically display the needed size and content. The best way to achieve this with an older website is to redesign it using modern website templates and frameworks. It saves time and money through not having to recode and add on other pieces to your existing website code. Instead it uses a one size fits all product.


The World Web Web is a mobile place and will continue to move in a direction of accessibility. Regardless of what device someone will want to view your site on. We understand this a Binary Bits and can make you a responsive website and bring your site inline with modern ideas and media devices.



Australian Communications and Media Authority Communications report 2013–14


Search Engines and Websites.

Search engines and websites, imagine your website is a bricks and mortar operation and the search engine is its geographic location.  Ok so you build your bricks and mortar store open the doors and wait for people to come to you. Now depending on how well established you are you may get human traffic coming to your shop immediately. But what about if your new to the area. You will need to invest in spreading the word in the community (search engines). This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in.

SEO this is the combined techniques of making your website easily seen by the search engines like, Google and Yahoo so that they rank your site appropriately for and for the correct product or service you are trying to sell.  Placing the right words in the right place will help you be seen a lot easier and begin to rank in the organic searches for the correct product or service. Its a effort to aim your website marketing at the search engines to gain there attention.


The ways in which you can do this are :


On-Page SEO includes:

  • Incorporating selective keyword naturally into title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, alt text, etc.
  • Blog posts and page copy that is written and optimized with quality
  • Clean and formatting page URLS
  • Optimised page load speed
  • Google authorship incorporated
  • Social sharing integration within your content
  • And much more!

Off-Page SEO includes:

  • Creating a high quality, natural backlink profile (aka having other high quality/authoritative sites  link to your site naturally)
  • Social sharing signals
  • Social bookmarking (Facebook, Instagram)
  • List goes on here too!


Essentially what you are doing is creating a clear data

picture and network in the digital environment to give your website credibility. The more you do this the better your website will rank.

The power of data and your Website.

It has never been easier to gather data about a websites traffic. This data is free marketing information for your business are you making the most of it ?

How to look at your website data.

There are now a number of tools available on the web, both free eg. Google Analytics and paid, like For example, what country visits are from, how long they stay at your site. What page or pages are viewed, and this is just the beginning.

To gather this kind of information 15 years ago for a large bricks and mortar business was time consuming and costly. For a small business, it would not have even been considered.

If you have a website that does not have these tools set up, you are not leveraging your websites’ potential. You could be taking advantage of the free marketing tools to improve and attract visitors to your site.

So what can you do ? A small amount of time is needed to connect these data gathering tools. Once set up the data will be tracked automatically for you.

Step 1:  You have the tools connected, check.

Step 2:  Is understanding the data. Knowing what to look at is the key to produce well needed marketing data to keep moving your ideas and advertising in the right direction.

At Binary Bits we can help you if you’re ready to take the next step for your site with data analytics. We provide advice and helping you to start analysing your data. Your site will start working harder for you while you’re doing other things. And give you more ideas about what works and what doesn’t.

Email or call 0415 878 849

Web security. Are you safe on the web ?

Knowing how to be safe while surfing the web is  a pretty straightforward affair.  If you do the simple job of doing the basics it will in most cases keep you in good stead.  Below I will provide a some practical and common sense things you can do to remain safer on your network and on the web.



Ok, so we all know by now that there are programs out there that can do harm to our computer, or use our computer as a machine to infect others. Antivirus software is one of the best and most effective ways to stay safe. There are a number of free antivirus for home use. So there’s no excuse.


2.Software Updates.

In many cases software updates for you computer or website include security fixes for known vulnerabilities. Update your software when you can.


3.Unsolicited email.

If you don’t know the sender in the email address, don’t open it, delete it. In most cases, the subject line will be sensational to get your attention, again, don’t open it, delete it. Sometimes as well you may get mail that looks official with all the right looking images, such as bank logos. If you look at the email address of the sender, you may find that the email address does not have the domain name you would expect it to. Like if I was to get an email from Pay Pal, I would expect the email to contain the domain name ‘’ for example: Also, with many of these fake emails they will try to get important information from you like bank account details. This is a dead giveaway that the email is fake,  like the fake email  in the image below:



Here’s how accurate a spoofed email can look.


4.Passwords (good ones).

Ok so who loves an easy password ? One that you can use across all of your sites and devices ? ME ME !! You say. That’s convenient for you and for anyone else who can guess it.  A trick I use is to combine a word that has had some of it’s letters changed to numbers, with a number spelt out in words. An extra layer of security can be added by also mixing in the initials of the program you’re using.

For example I like bicycles and the number 72, and a password for my apple id. I could create a password like 8icyc1es7TWOAPid there you have a strong password. The combination you  choose is up to you.  But using this trick made remembering a long password much easier for me and much more difficult for someone to crack.

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